Massage Therapy 30/60/90 minutes

Relaxation Massage: The basic relaxing signature massage $75/$99/$135

Restorative Massage: This massage is designed for everyone’s specific needs. It restores comfort and balance while creating a deep state of relaxation $75/$105/$140

Deep Tissue Massage: This massage treats chronic pain patterns by addressing hypertension in the muscles, tendons and ligaments $85/$120/$150

Hot Stone Massage 60/90 Minutes: Smooth heated basalt stones are used to melt away any tension. This massage is for easing any pain. We use a rich house blended body balm for this treatment $120/$160

Pregnancy Massage 60/90 Minutes: Is for our child bearing clients in their second & third trimester. It reduces edema, low back, leg and foot pain. We also address hip discomfort $110/$130

Couples Suite 60/90 Minutes:   

- Couples Relaxation Massage $218/$290

- Couples Restorative Massage $230/$300

- Couples Deep Tissue Massage $260/$320

- Couples Hot Stone Massage $260/$340

Massage Enhancements

Cupping $20
Dry Brush Exfoliation $10
Hair and Scalp Oil Treatment $15
Hand or Foot Scrub $20
Hot/Cold Stone Therapy $20


Teen (17 and under) $55

Express Facial (35 mins): Great for a quick pick me up before going out $65

Restorative: The basic facial for clients $100

Clarifying: For clogged/acne prone skin, whiteheads, blackheads $130

Ocean Strong: Signature Facial; Mother of Pearl $150

Hydrating: For dry skin, aging, environmental damage, great for winter $120

Age Defying: To fight signs of aging- fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation $150

Back Facial: A facial for the back, helps clear problem skin on the back area $120

Glycolic Facial Exfoliation: This peel improves skin tone and texture, lightens pigmentation and stimulates collagen production $165

Neck or décolleté add-ons are $10/ea

Brightening Facial: This powerful treatment instantly transforms skin by removing lifeless skin cells and building collagen and elastin. $120

Neck or décolleté add-ons are $10/ea


Glycolic Acid Peel (Face/Neck/Décolleté) $43/$52/$66A series of 6 saves 10%
A series of 10 saves 15%

*Microdermabrasion (Face/Neck/Décolleté) $135/$150/$180
A series of 6 saves 10%
A series of 10 saves 15%

Microcurrent (Face/Neck) $65/$55 [Together- $108]
A series of 6 saves 10%
A series of 10 saves 15%

*when available

Facial Enhancements

Eye and Lip Enhancement $35
Lip Enhancement $17
Eye Enhancement $18
Hair and Scalp Oil Treatment $15
Cold Stone Therapy $14

Facial Add-ons

Extra Extractions $20
Skin Scrubber $17
LED Light Therapy $62
Ultrasound   $15
Cold Hammer  $15
Microcurrent Face/Neck $65/$35

Body Treatments


Why have a scrub? What are the benefits? The main benefit of body scrubs is how they aide in removing dead skin cells, which helps promote clearer and softer skin. The added advantages of using a body scrub can include skin-smoothing benefits.

We have salt based & sugar based.

Salt: Is a deeper exfoliant, removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells and leaving your skin softer and smoother.

  • Dead sea salt (Any season)
  • Lemon Aid (Spring)
  • Margarita (Summer)
  • Pumpkin (Fall)
  • Mojito (Winter)

Coffee: Is a mild exfoliant and an anti-aging elixir.

Sugar: Is a gentler exfoliant, even soft enough to use on the face.

  • Brown Sugar
  • Café Mocha (Chocolate)
  • Kahlua Body Bliss (Vanilla)


Masks & Wraps– $110

What are the benefits of a Mask and Wrap? Wraps are designed to improve the texture and appearance of the skin by helping to rid the body of excess fluids and toxins. Benefits of body wraps may include detoxification, boosting of the lymphatic system and metabolism, body contouring, temporary inch-loss, skin tightening, and skin softening.

Different Treatments:

  • Whipped Aloe Shea Butter
  • Milk & Honey
  • Chocolate Mousse
  • Moor Mud
  • Sage Masque
  • Orchid Rejuvenating Masque

How often should I get this treatment? Once a month or when body’s texture, hydration, and softness needs improved.

Facial Waxing

Full Face $34
Brow $17
Lip $17
Chin $10
Side Burns $15

Body Waxing-

Arms $60
Half Arm $32
Underarms $22
Chest $45
Stomach $45
Half Back $45
Full Back $60
Full Leg $80
Upper Leg $48
Lower Leg $42
Stomach Strip (add on) $10
Inner Thigh (add on) $10